ZB Savoy and The Chivalry –

ZB is a serial songwriter.  He spent the 2000’s in LA writing, engineering and producing for such major label acts as Pepper (engineer/producer), Unwritten Law (engineer)  and 311 (engineer), and as an artist, playing local Hollywood songwriter haunts like The Hotel Café and Room 5.

His return to San Diego was an exit from the recording industry and the hollywood scene to start the ZB Savoy Bowtie Co. (a men’s accessories line), and to get back to his SD roots, surfing, his family…  He began a residency in  La Jolla playing 3 hour acoustic sets on Friday nights and gigging solo around town mostly for fun.  He struck up a freindship with Chris Moberg (Mogs) who was working at the music shop ZB frequented and who began playing the same La Jolla Bar/Restaurant where they would sit in with each other whenever possible.

Chris was the perfect compliment to ZB’s pop oriented songwriting and dusty morning voice which left songs wide open for Chris’ inate ability to harmonize and to play most any instrument you put in front of him with far more than a reasonable amount of proficiency.

With the addition of Kevin Bass on bass and Adrien Berry on drums (both old band mates of  ZB’s)  a sound was formed that, while strongly singer/songwriter in nature,  can at times lean towards country without abandoning a certain Southern California beachiness in its character.

The boys were able to put together a 3 hour set, split between covers and originals, within the first few weeks of playing and jumped right into regular weekend gigs at Longboards, one of the more popular college bars in Pacific Beach.  The band’s look is based partly on ZB’s throwback apparel company, including ZB’s signature bowtie. The live show seems to feature the comical banter that Mogs and ZB have developed over their years of performing both individually and together.

ZB Savoy and The Chivalry are a good natured Sunday afternoon festival band made up of four kindhearted gentleman who can play with the best of them, have plenty of stories to share, and aren’t afraid to deliver positivity to anyone open to it.


– ZB –

-ZB can be found on the local bar restaurant circuit providing melancholy versions of todays pop music.  He was previously a writer and producer in Los Angeles. He is also the founder and operator of the ZB Savoy Bowtie Co.-

ZB interviewed by K.Bass

 1) KB:  If you could bring to life any animated character, who would it be and what would be your intentions?

ZB:   You want me to say Jessica Rabbit.  Well I’m going to.  But it would only be for coffee and a croissant. I’d just want to get to know her a little better you know, see what makes her tick.  I’d steer clear of any Roger questions …that’s probably still tender.

2) KB: Top 3 Concerts you would go see right now.

ZB:  Bieber I checked off last summer with my friend Rich, so probably Of Monsters and Men, LMFAO and then if I needed to get really sleepy maybe Jack Johnson. …unless the live performance of Point Break counts as a concert.  I’d like to go see that again too.

3) KB: If you could combine any 2 Musical instruments what would they be.

ZB: A Trumpet and slide whistle.
KB: Isnt that what a trombone is?
ZB:  I guess that’s right. How ‘bout like a Timbali and a piano… where you hit it, but its all individual notes!
KB:  …so like an xylophone?
ZB: Yeah, I guess thats what an Xylophone is. This is tougher than I thought it would be.  …Tuba and a Crash Cymbal.
KB: Good Answer
ZB: Thank you

4) KB:  Gender Bending took off in the 80’s and has somewhat declined over the years…do you think it will return and when?

ZB: We can only hope right? I mean have you seen the documentary on Arthur Kane,  the New York Dolls bass player who ended up working at the mormon library in West Los Angeles. It’s a whacky movie. He was a Drag queen star at the height of the movement and then it all just slipped away from him… you know? They tried to pump a little life back in with a reunion show but it just wasn’t enough. For him and for the 100’s or 10s that are like him, I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

5) KB: If you had a time machine, what catastrophic event would you travel bike in time to prevent from happening?

ZB: Oh, I hope this doesn’t sound selfish, but I am terrified of small spaces, so chances are I would not get into that time machine. I’m happy to revisit this when I see a little bit more spacious design, but so far they have all looked pretty cramped.


– Mogs –


-An accomplished singer songwriter, Mogs can be found playing the local restaurant and bar seen in San Diego.  He plays both Keys and Guitar for The Chivalry.  He also sings harmony and is the unofficial music director of the band. One of our true local talents.-

Mogs interviewd by ZB

1) ZB: If you had to spend 2 months as a jungle animal (miniature or regular sized) which animal would it be and what kinds of things would you hope to accomplish?

MOGS: At first I was thinking a small giraffe but I guess they don’t really live in the jungle and I’d probably only last like 2 days before being either eaten or captured to star in cool but cheesy beer commercials…  so probably spider monkey??

2) ZB: Interesting, lets stick with that theme… given the fact that he doesnt have super powers do you think there are ANY super heroes that Spiderman could actually take down?

MOGS: I would have to say that Spider Man is probably the lamest super hero ever created. That is why they had to actually give him a super power in the movie. For the record to all you younger ones than me, the original Spider Man had to use refillable spider web cartridges on his wrists to zip around New York City. Ya, and they would constantly run out just as he was about to catch the bad guy…… super lame. However, if there is one super hero that I would hope Spider Man could have a shot at I would say it has to be ‘The Fly’. (from the movie The Fly) It just makes sense. If he lost a battle between the fly then he doesn’t deserve the title of ‘Spider’. That would just make him ‘Man’ and I don’t think he would really rock that title either.

3) ZB: You make some really valid points Chris.  I am glad we are getting to spend this time together.  Lets talk more about wrist action.  A lot of people think that playing music is essentially the same thing as Masterbating… agree or disagree?

MOGS: I would say that I have actually ****ed a little when KBass hits that bass groove on “Mo Money” (…Mo’ Problems, the Notorious B.I.G. song occasionally covered by ZB Savoy and The Chivalry). So yes and no. Masterbation actually takes effort, but true music, flowing from the hands of the creator, effortlessly drawing up an ecstasy of uncontrollable emotion from the listener.

4) ZB: Really deep. What country would you most like visit? Do you envision us playing a show there? If yes do you envision us wearing the traditional Garb?

MOGS: I could see us playing in South Africa. I am pretty sure they don’t see that many live So Cal style shows over there. Plus they have  some bad ass surf that I would love to hit in between shows.  I picture you in an African style head dress and bow tie, Kevin in a multi colored wrap around blanket dress with some lace up sandals, Berry would be in full on Rasta gear, and I’d be wearing an off white  cloth diaper/dress and a coat.

5) ZB: I love traditional values.  What song do you think you have you picked up the guitar and played more times than any other song in the world?

MOGS: In it’s entirety?  That’s Easy.  “After the Rain” by the Nelson Brothers.

ZB:  You are a gentleman and a scholar good sir.  Thank you.


– K.Bass –

-Kevin Bass is a local San Diego bass player.  Real last name.  He was a member of Porp’s brief reunion before becoming full time with the Chivalry.-

K.Bass interviewed by Adrien Berry

1) AB: Which LJ reef is your favorite?/Which LJ beach do you chill and womp at?(specific)

KB:  My favorite reef is probably Despo’s but I haven’t been out to surf in a long time which is a sad, sad thing.  For chilllin’ and womping definitely Wind n Sea.

2) AB: Where other than SD would you like to spend an extended period playing/recording? 

KB: I went to Chicago for Lollapolooza a couple years back and really liked the city.  Not sure if i could handle the weather in winter but a summer recording session would be fun.  Also, a trip to Asia would be nice, I just don’t know if I would get any recording done.

3) AB:  Do you have any pre-show routines, superstitions or preferences the band should know about? 

KB: I don’t really have anything crazy, but I like to make sure I don’t eat right before we go on stage.  Also, I wear women’s underwear…

4) AB: Which band would you gladly step in and play bass for if you had your choice. 

KB: Queens of the Stone Age or Tool

5) AB: Seeing as how we(humans) are the only land mammal to sweat water, would you find it reasonable to say we may have evolved from a water-bound mammalian race like mermaids? 

KB: Im glad you asked this question because the topic came up the other night whilst I was walking on the beach with my sister’s dog Cyrus.  It’s Cyrus’ opinion that this is very possible.  He explained to me that Darwin once hypothesized that bears could very well have evolved from whales as he once observed one swimming through a river with it’s mouth open catching food much like a whale does with plankton. I explained to Cyrus that i was very aware of the fish who swam unto the shore and grew legs thus becoming a lizard, but argued that if man had come from the ocean, some form of water habits and skills would have likely remained innate and as awkward as humans are in the water, this was clearly not the case.  However, we came to an agreement that any is possible and humans could have once been a cute little water monkey with a dorsal fin but suggesting that we evolved from a mythical creature such as the Mermaid is somewhat ridiculous and irresponsible.


– Yummy Bear – 

-Adrien has played in numerous groups on both coasts, in multiple genres.  Previous Bands : Bacchus (SD-Rock), Government Green (SD-Rock), Bone Design (NYC-Rock), Mercury Boy (NYC-Theatrical), Bouva (NYC-Pop), Alright Sandwich (NYC-Jazz), Baggage Handler (NYC-Jazz), Huero (SD-Rock), The Yellow Miseries (SD/LA-Rock).   Adrien completes this quartet with a mixture of smooth simplicity, groove and power.-

Adrien Berry

Interview forthcoming…dude is super hard to get a hold of.